Duel Sided Hero

You were once just a shell of a man
Had so much hell that you been through
And I guess you could say that I was the same
Cause in my eyes I already knew

People are always saying that you need
To step into their shoes to tell
Just how they became just who they are
Guess that’s how I knew you so well

But by finding someone that knows you
That see’s the beauty behind the pain
They have a way of repairing the armor
And cleaning off all the stains

We all need someone for protection
But sometimes we play that same role
So don’t be afraid to show who you are
And all the hell you’ve never told

Cause behind every downed warrior
Is a hero afraid to mourn
They need to learn to just let go
Only then will they be reborn

The Final Toast

You have always been there for me
Especially at times when I needed you most
So now I’ll be here for you right now
When it’s time to give you a final toast

Here’s to the times when I was about to break down
When I felt my world was crashing around me
And I was lucky to have you at my side
Cause you helped me find the peace I couldn’t see

How was I lucky to find someone like you
Who know’s where life would be without you
And if I had to say one last goodbye
Then here’s to the best friend I ever knew

Here’s to all the ups and downs
And the crazy times that we had
And the only person who could help
Lift me up when I was angry or sad

They were the best thing I ever found
And helped change me in so many ways
So here’s to telling them goodbye
Even when I wish they could stay

So Crazy Over You

I’m so tired of getting knocked down
When my heart doesn’t even make a sound
Why must you keep putting my through all of this
Then trying to end it with a kiss

You’ve hurt me so many times before
Do you even know what you’re searching for?
You need to stop haunting all of my dreams
Cause nothing is ever what it seems

You’ve found your way inside my mind
No matter what I do or say
You never let go of your hold on me
You are driving me so crazy
So crazy over you

Why must you do all of this to me
You’re making me lose my sanity
When I was once so in love with you
Has been torn apart by the things you do

The way you ripped my heart in two
With all of the shit that we’ve been through
No more will you haunt me while I sleep
Cause I’m so over you

Time to Collect My Chips

I’ve fought the same ole demons
And I’ve put the poison to my lips
More times than I could even name
But it’s time for me to collect my chips

I’ve seen the worst of times
And I’ve seen the battle I was afraid to start
But now I’m seeing how strong I can be
In this never ending war

This is the last time you will see me
Just break down and give in
Cause I’m tired of becoming the slave
To a house that never wins

My cards have been dealt
But I have the better hand
No more will I let myself turn into
A shell of a man

No Longer my Sentence to Bare

There was always something about us
Something just didn’t feel right
All of the conversations we had
Kept turning into another fight

We kept trying to make it work
But we each have our own point of view
And no matter how hard you try
I won’t fall back in love with you

So many hurtful things were said
So much things you can’t take back
You don’t know how much you hurt me
And my heart’s bound to crack

So now I’m ready to escape my cell
It was no longer my sentence to keep
But you tried to push me back in
when i was ready take the leap

Who knew my defences could be so strong
Never realized how fast they could be built
Till you tried to break me down
And it shown the strength I was dealt

I’ve now learned how to stand my ground
And my will is as thick is steel
You will never ever break this heart
Or get my heart to feel

This person who was once a slave
To a love that wasn’t meant to be
Has found the strength deep inside
to finally break free

Break The Chain

So many times I wish I told you
So many times I would take back
I wish I had the strength to tell you
How you made my life a wreck

But in my heart I kept holding on
Wishing for a better day to come
When you would one day be on my side
Instead of making me afraid to run

You had a chain around my heart
And you never let me loose
When will you learn to just let go
Instead of creating me a noose

I’m so tired of being someone’s slave
I’m so ready to just break free
This heart is ready to come unbound
And to learn to just love me

The only person that should be holding
Onto this heart I call my own
Is the one that won’t ever let it down
And treat me like a king to their throne

So Much Better then a Trophy

Every time I’m with someone like you
I feel like a trophy for your case
What must I do to make you see
And teach you to appreciate

I’m not just somebody that you
Can take out when you can
I’m so much important then
A person to hold your hand

I could be so much more
If only you took the time
But you’re not lucky enough
To ever call mine

I could be the person
That holds your heart in place
But you never take the time
To help keep my own safe

It’s never about what I can do
Or what you can do for me
It’s all the things that we can do
And what we can really be

If only you really knew
And learned to appreciate what is
Can our life and love truly be
Better then all of this

But here I am ending this
Time to take this  trophy of the shelf
I can be so much better then
What you make of myself