Is Our Love Strong Enough “Updated”

GF: Why can’t you understand me
Why can’t you just see
You know how much I love you
Why can’t you show the same to me

MC: I try my hardest to show how much
How much I adore you
Cause you’re the whole world to me
You’re in everything I do

Gf: Then what’s the problem between you and me
That’s what I just can’t understand
Why can’t I ever love you like I want to
Why can’t I ever hold your hand

MC: I wish that I could let you in
I know how much it means to you
But there’s just something that’s inside of me
That’s holding back from you

Together:I don’t understand this
I don’t know where to go
I wish you could understand me now
Wish there was a way that you could know…

Gf: Why is he holding back from me?
What more can I do for him?
Will I be holding on forever?
Will our love ever begin again?

MC: Why is it so hard for me to show
Exactly how I feel
I don’t want to waste my life holding back
What I think might be real

GF: I can’t seem to figure him out
Where is our life leading toward?
I’m not sure what this all about
I’m just so tired of feeling ignored

MC: It feels like part of me is hiding deep inside
Why must affection be so hard to show
I’m trying my best to explain how I feel
Why can’t I just let her know?

Together:I don’t understand this
I don’t know where to go
I wish you could understand me now
Wish there was a way that you could know…

When two different lives meet
It’s so hard to become just one
So afraid of what’s to come
Is our love strong enough?


Do they Understand Me? “Updated”

These people may seem like they get me
But I still feel like the strange one
No matter how hard I try to find a way to get by
I keep looking for a way to run

I circle through all of my days
Searching for my own space
Trying so hard to hide the tracks of my tears
That are written all over my face

Why can’t my life
Be easier than this

When trying to find
A place where I can exist

And no matter where I find myself
I feel like i’m the odd one out
Where did this feeling inside of me come from
Why do I feel so full of doubt

Why do I always feel like the black sheep
Why does it feel like no one understands
When all I want is some friends to keep
That accepts me for who I am

Why can’t my life
Be easier than this

When trying to find
A place where I can exist

We are all longing to find that place
Where we feel like we belong
But no matter where I try to go
I keep feeling like I am wrong

I am so scared to be myself
Cause I’m worried I won’t passed the test
Will I ever learn how to fit in
Even if i’m different from the rest

Why can’t my life
Be easier than this

When trying to find
A place where I can exist

I’m beginning to feel so worn out
Looking for a place to call my own
I just wish one of these days
I’ll find some place to call my home

A Different View “Updated”

Mother: How does one learn to teach a child
Who’s different from the rest
When there’s no handbook to go by
God know i’m doing my best

It’s so hard to hold these feelings in
Not being able to understand my child
Sometimes I feel like i’m the worst parent
When I judge my own kid’s style

For as long as I can recall
I just can’t seem to find
Why can’t I seem to understand
This little child of mine

I’ve watched him for so long
And I tried to have his back
But I know I won’t be able to help him with
The cues that he lack

Therapist: I know it might be hard for you
And you might not understand
But make sure that he knows that
You’ll be there no matter what

When you are blessed with a kid
Who’s unique in their own way
Remember that they see the world
In their own special way

Mother: I guess sometimes the best thing
That a parent can really do
Is to teach their kids to be themselves
And to always stay true

Now I came to terms to how he is
And how he’ll always be
The only thing I hope he knows
He’s everything to me

Therapist: When life gives you a family
No matter how they turn out
Remember love and acceptance is
What it’s all about

Mother: I know what you say is true
And I love my little man
So I guess i’ll take it day by day
And do the best I can

So i’ll take what you told me
And make sure that he knows
How much I really love him
No matter where life goes

In a Place where I Belong “Updated”

I’ve been down this road before
But now i’ve come back once again
But is this one battle that i’ll ever win

I may go through all my days
And i’m set in my unique ways
But should I leave or should I stay

Still not sure if i’ll find a place
Or even just one single friend
Will the world ever get the chance
To see who I really am

In a place where I… belong

What is this life
Where is it heading?
I’m still not quite sure
No idea where it’s going

But I hope one day soon
I’ll find a place dancing to my own tune
But how long will I have to wait
Till I finally find my way

In a place where I… belong

Then I won’t have to be someone else
I’ll free the person thats always hiding
Maybe the world will one day be ready for
The man that’s hiding inside of me

When I find a place where I… belong

Stranger in the Halls “Updated”

Bully: You are the strangest little guy
That I have ever met
You bring to school the oddest things
That no one ever gets

You try to tell the wierdest stories
And no one really knows why
So why should I even take the time…
Hey! Can’t you look me in the eye?

You have these wierd quirks about you
That no one understands
Now you better watch your every step
Or against the locker you’ll be slammed

MC:I don’t get why he does this to me
Why must he treat this way

Bully: I don’t understand anything about you
Why do you do the things you do
So how about you just stay out of my way
How does that sound to you?

Why must you act the way you do
You’ll never fit in at this school
So don’t even waste any of your time
Trying to find a way to be cool

You only have a year at this place
So it won’t be hard to do
So get your wierd self out my way
It’s the least… you can do

MC: It’s not like I can help how I am
Why must he judge everything I do or say


Role of a Lifetime “Updated”

MC: Why must I change everything
Just to start anew
When it’s so hard to find myself
And the past is all I knew

And this part that I play feels like
There’s no script in my hand
Which rules should I obey
Why can’t I ever understand

My mind keeps playing tricks on me
Which one do I believe
When I can’t read between the lines
Things are harder to perceive

Background: Why can’t he understand?

MC: Why can’t I ever read the cues
Even if they’re right in front of me
What is this feeling I have inside of me
That makes it hard for me to see

Cause this scenery looks so uncertain
And my objective is so unsure
Wishing I had some guidance
On the journey i’m about to endure

What makes this world so different
What makes it so hard to know
What must I do to understand
Which way that I should go

Background: Why can’t he understand?

MC: There’s so many roads to follow
So many things I do not know
But I hope one day i’ll learn the things
That everyone already knows

When youre heading down this path in life
Feeling so lost with no direction
You’re always searching for an the answer
Amidst all of life’s missed connections

Background: Why can’t he understand?

Why won’t they come so easily
Why must it be this hard
What life am I living now
What am I heading toward

The World’s so Different to Me “Updated”

I view the world so differently
Then what your eye’s might see
I could notice some of the smaller things
That you might somehow oversee

I might be able to show you so many things
You never even noticed before
I could even tell you a thousand stories
Before I even walked out my door

Cause the world’s so different to me

I might make a list of what I see
And collect all the things I like
I would take the time to cherish them
Even if it were a bike

Now I might collect the strangest things
But to me they mean the most
So don’t you try to understand why
I keep them oh so close

Cause the world’s so different to me

To you I might come off alittle strange
You could say i’m nothing like the rest
But I have my own way of looking at the world
And I wear my favorite little vest

Cause the world’s so different to me

But just like how I view the world
We’re all so different here
So don’t you try to judge me now
Cause there’s nothing here to fear

And fear is never a good thing to have
Especially in this world we live
Cause when we are given different views
There’s only acceptance to give

And that’s why the world
And that’s why the world
And that’s why the world so different
To someone like me!